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Top Things to Remember to Pack for a Vacation at The Grove Indian Pass

Indian Pass is a wonderful and unique place to spend a vacation. However, it can be a long drive to any store, so make sure you prepare for anything with this handy packing list. Some of these items may be a no-brainer but is always a good reminder for when you are packing up the vehicle. Before you get started, here is a little information about Indian Pass. “The Pass” as locals like to call it is a 3-mile long peninsula situated between the Gulf of Mexico and Indian Pass Lagoon. It is a very undeveloped area and has the true “Old Florida” feel. This allows your company to get away from it all, but it is good to remember that there are not many options available nearby, (which is the way we like it!)

Sunscreen - More than likely you’ll be spending your days outside while you are at Indian Pass. It is good to remember to bring tons of different types of sunscreen. If you’re planning on heading to Port St. Joe and on to St. Joseph Bay, reef-safe sunscreen is good for the seagrasses that keep the bay pristine. Sports sunscreen is great for kayaking, or fishing when the sun is beating down on you. No matter what you bring, make sure you bring plenty so that you can reapply as much as possible.

Umbrella/Raincoat- Florida is called the “Sunshine State,” but the weather can dampen your day. Having an umbrella or raincoat handy will keep you dry.

Bug Spray - Because Indian Pass is surrounded by water and very undeveloped, bugs are most likely going to be around. Luckily at The Grove Indian Pass, we have several screened-in porches to enjoy while not worrying about the bug. However, you’ll be exploring the dock, beaches, and other areas where the bugs are, so make sure to pack bug spray for the whole family.

Beach Towels- We do provide towels for the shower, and towels for the indoor pool, but we ask you to bring beach towels. This will eliminate any beach sand going to places that it may not need to go.

Books- Who doesn’t love a beach read? With porch swings, hammocks, and other places to sneak off to, you can really dive into a book while at The Grove Indian Pass. Plus, if the weather doesn’t corporate, you can always use a book to entertain you.

Shoes - Your flip-flops will definitely be packed, but make sure you bring other types of shoes for different adventures you may go on. Sneakers are great for hiking on some of our local trails, or if you are planning on going bike riding. Plus, climbing the Cape San Blas Lighthouse requires closed-toed shoes. Another type of shoe to bring is water shoes. Whether you’re out snorkeling in St. Joseph Bay, or wade fishing near the shoes of Indian Pass Lagoon, having water shoes is always a safe bet to keep your feet protected.

Phone Charger- Although we encourage you to “unplug” while at The Grove, you’ll be wanting to take all the photos, especially those sunrises over Indian Pass Lagoon. So, keeping your phone charged is a must.

First Aid Kit- Being prepared is never a bad thing! Anything can happen, even on vacation. So, having a first aid kit ready to go is a great idea. Make sure to pack it with band-aids, anti-itch cream, baby powder, and more!

Hopefully, these items will help you pack for your next vacation at The Grove Indian Pass. We would love to host you and your entire family.

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