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The Best Months to have a Wedding at The Grove


The beginning of the year is a fantastic time for new journeys. The average temperatures are lower, which makes it a great time to enjoy the outside venue spaces.

January - Average temperatures are between 45 degrees and 64 degrees. The rain chances aren’t the lowest of the year, but they are low enough that it will not be an issue. January is also a quiet time of year for visitation in Indian Pass. If your goal is to have a large wedding, this is a good time of year to come to have plenty of accommodations for the rest of your guests

February - Average temperatures are between 47 degrees and 66 degrees. Rain changes are comparable to January. February hosts valentines day, which is the perfect time to celebrate love! If you like a themed wedding, why not celebrate during the month of love?

March- Average temperatures are between 52 degrees and 71 degrees. Spring is awakening in March, and the blooms will begin. The Grove has so many lovely areas of greenery and flowers that will be the perfect backdrop for photos.

April- June

April - Average temperatures are between 58 degrees and 77 degrees. April brings more Spring and Spring Breakers. Indian Pass is a laid-back area, so you don’t have to worry about wild times on the beaches. Plus, with 200 feet of private beach access, you’ll have plenty of area to spread out.

May - Average temperatures are between 66 degrees and 84 degrees. May is a great month to enjoy Indian Pass before the summer humidity gets too much. May is an incredible time to see the wildlife come to live off of the Indian Pass Lagoon. Cooler mornings and evenings really make it spectacular.

June - Average temperatures are between 72 degrees and 89 degrees. June begins the busy summer season at Indian Pass. Although busy is relative, thankfully you can experience Old Florida no matter the time of year. The ground on on 5 acres, so plenty of space to feel secluded. Also, something to keep in mind is this may be the perfect time to have a smaller wedding so that everyone can stay onsite!


July - Average temperatures are between 75 degrees and 90 degrees. July can be HOT! This is when our summer storms really ramp up and typically you’ll get a rain shower at least once a day. However, do not let that deter you! The weather is hot, but it is the perfect time to have everyone enjoy the outdoor activities like boating, snorkeling, and more. This is when you can really make your wedding a vacation for everyone!

August - Average temperatures are between 75 degrees and 90 degrees.August is still hot, but there are less visitors because schools have started back. Very similar to July, this is a good time to have everyone enjoy outdoor activities!

September- Average temperatures are between 72 degrees and 87 degrees. Temperatures start to get lower, but humidity is still high, so that is something to think about. However, it is a slower time of year, so it is a perfect time to experience all that Indian Pass and the surrounding areas have to offer, especially when it comes to having a rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant.

October- December

October - Average temperatures are between 61 degrees and 80 degrees. Want a beautiful sky? October has some wonderful sunsets! October also has a several events that you can enjoy too like the Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival. Getting married during an event is a great way to come back each year and enjoy it again.

November - Average temperatures are between 52 degrees and 73 degrees. November is a magical time at Indian Pass. The sunsets are a little earlier, but that just means you can enjoy the night sky more. With very little light pollution, you can spend your wedding evening dancing under some of the most magnificent star show.

December - Average temperatures are between 47 degrees and 66 degrees. December is the perfect time to have a holiday wedding vacation. Bring the whole family and experience your holiday traditions and a wedding at the same time.

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